Pre/Post-Congress Workshops

Pre/Post-Congress Workshops

Below you will find information regardsing WSAVA 2018 pre/post congress workshops:


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A workshop that will provide hands-on experience in the care and handling of fish species. This session will review a variety of handling, restraint, sample collection techniques and other techniques focusing on fish species.

Date & Time: 

Monday, 24 September, 10:00


Temasek Polytechnic 


Dr. Richmond Loh, Dr. Julius Tepper & Dr. Nick Saint-Erne 

Learning Objectives:

This introductory laboratory will provide hands-on experiences for veterinarians, technicians and other support personnel involved in the care and handling of fish species.  This basic hands-on workshop will review a variety of handling, restraint, sample collection techniques and other techniques focusing on fish species.  This is training for practices wanting to enhance their practice by adding fish or for those who need to update their skills with fish species.  Restraint, medication administration, and sampling techniques will be demonstrated by faculty and performed by students.

Interactive labs are meant to educate graduate veterinarians and veterinary technicians in state of the art techniques involving clinical procedures applicable to animal health and animal well-being. The advancement of knowledge resulting from these interactive laboratory venues shall improve the clinical care expertise and technical skills of the participant, the end result of which is improved veterinary medical care.

Fee: USD 250



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This half-day workshop will start with a 60-minute lecture looking at traditional methods of surgical extraction and comparing this to a new minimally invasive technique, using an automated periotome. The lecture will also discuss the importance of pre and post-extraction intraoral radiographs, and the management of extraction complications.

Following the lecture, in the 'hands-on' component of the workshop, attendees will master correct methods of raising a soft tissue flap and perform surgical extractions of the canine and carnassial teeth on one side of the mouth and then contrast and compare this with the use of a new minimally invasive automated periotome used for the same teeth on the other side of the mouth.  Throughout the workshop, attendees will be well supported and receive expert guidance from a team of highly qualified educators.

Date & Time:

Monday, 24 September, 08:30-12:30


Temasek Polytechnic 


Dr. Anthony Caiafa BDSc,BVSc,MACVSC
Dr. Jerzy Gawor DVM PhD
Fellow, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College
Diplomate, European Veterinary Dental College
EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry

Learning Objectives:

Successfully master correct methods of raising a soft tissue flap, perform tooth extractions using both current and the latest technique. Identify, avoid or correct potential complications arising from tooth extractions. Utilise appropriate tools to diagnose the need for tooth extraction and to further use these tools during and after tooth extraction. Understand and develop skills in a new minimally invasive approach to tooth extractions.

Offer patients faster extractions, quicker healing times and less discomfort than traditional extraction techniques.

Pre-requisite to be able to register for this program:

Veterinarians with skills in surgical extraction technique.


Lecture: 08:30-09:30 -Dr. Anthony Caiafa
Hands on Workshop: 10:00-12:30 - Dr. Jerzy Gawor

Onsite Registration: 

Monday, 24 September, 08:00

Fee: USD 450

iM3 Vet-Tome Video in clinical use:




Saturday & Sunday, 29 - 30 September 2018


Singapore SPCA

AWWC Vision: 

To make welfare issues an everyday consideration for small animal practitioners and to ensure that the WSAVA becomes a proactive and respected partner within international welfare circles providing an opinion that balances compassion with science and practical needs.

Purpose of the workshop:

  • Engage WSAVA attendees, local veterinarians, professors and animal practitioners on practical issues in animal protection and shelter medicine
  • Educate on best practices and share resources in shelter medicine and animal welfare
  • Inspire all to meet or exceed minimum welfare and medical standards
  • To be able to assess shelter conditions and describe ways to improve animal welfare
  • To understand challenges faced in implementing shelter medicine and how to overcome it
  • Lead the regional community in public health, animal protection and compassionate care
  • The workshop will include lectures, site visits and group discussions


Deadline for registration is August 15th.

Send applications - click here - to or

FeeWorkshop charge will be SGD 60 (USD 45) per local participants (South East Asia) and SGD 100 (USD 75) per international participant.



Saturday, 29 September 2018


The Academia @ Singapore General Hospital

This Masterclass will teach the application of rigid endoscopy that can be used daily in a small animal practice. Participants will learn how to perform rhinoscopy, laryngoscopy, cystoscopy, vaginoscopy, bronchoscopy (using a flexible broncoscope), and otoscopy.

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