WSAVA/FASAVA 2018 - State of the Art Lectures

State of the Art Lectures


Name: Dr. Julia Beatty
Stream: SVA Infectious Diseases
Hall: I
Time: 12:45-13:30
Title: FeLV and FIV in 2018 - Clinical approach and management

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

Name: Dr. Adrian Boswood
Stream: Cardiology
Hall: H
Time: 10:05-10:50
Title: Management of preclinical heart disease in dogs – the EPIC trial

Name: Dr. David Maggs
Stream: Ophthalmology
Hall: E
Time: 13:45-14:30
Title: Feline herpesvirus: control and therapy 

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Name: Dr. Gabriela Seiler
Stream: Diagnostic Imaging
Hall: F
Time: 08:30-09:15
Title: Is it the heart or the lung? - thoracic radiography in the coughing dog

Name: Dr. Vanessa Barrs
Stream: SVA Feline
Hall: D
Time: 10:05-10:50
Title: Peculiarities of feline hyperadrenocorticism

Friday, SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

Name: Dr. Stefano Romagnoli
Stream: Reproduction
Hall: C
Time: 10:05-10:50
Title: Practical use of reproductive hormones in dogs and cats

Name: Dr. Ducan Lascelles
Stream: Global Pain Council
Hall: I
Time: 14:35-15:20
Title: Detecting and assessing osteoarthritis in young dogs

Name: Dr. Gilad Segev
Stream: Nephrology
Hall: D
Time: 15:50-16:35
Title: Update on the diagnosis and management of acute kidney injury in the dog

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